Meanwhile in radio, our new management

making the right moves to rejuvenate the business for the digital future. CBS RADIO has huge, huge brands like WFAN in New York and The Score in Chicago that are now able to find new ways to grow by expanding onto digital platforms outside of their own markets. This new site will tap into the growing appetite for data driven sports analytics and the growing market for the daily live fantasy games.

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CTE isn’t just a matter of losing your memory and misplacing your keys. In 2011, former Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson committed suicide at the age of 50 by gunshot to the chest. A suicide note explained his desire to donate his brain to medical research.

American sport, especially American football, has played a large educational rolesince some alarming stories of the effects of multiple concussions have been made public in recent years. Some players are said to have suffered dementia, Wholesale Authentic Jerseys depression or Alzheimer’s. The severity of the issue was brought to light this time last year when the NFL and former players agreed to a Wholesale Cheap football Jerseys China $765 million settlement over concussion related brain injuries..

Unsurprisingly, conversations about whether or not we should celebrate Halloween in Australia have been popping up everywhere online. Here is a blog post about the increasing trend. The for arguments were petty typical all holidays are commercial, we happily embrace the snowy images of Christmas even though it is scorching hot here.

When the buzzer sounds signaling the end of regulation, a tied NCAA basketball game goes into overtime. Each extra period lasts five minutes with one minute intermissions between them. If one extra period ends and the score remains tied, the teams play another extra period.

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