Altering a Lease Agreement

I would ask the landlord to clean up the wording of that lease. It makes no sense for you to be responsible for other tenants` pets. I rent a parking space in San Francisco. The building has just been purchased and the new owners have just informed me that they will cancel all outdoor parking rentals. I signed a one-year lease four years ago, which was then changed from month to month. Do they have the right to simply terminate my lease even if I never missed a payment or was late? I live in California without rent control. I signed a lease extension for a 2-year lease on 01.05.18. At the time of the new lease, the rent was increased by $30. On 15.07.18, I received a message stating that from 1.09.18, the rent will increase by an additional $70. Can a landlord increase the rent in the middle of a lease? I am in a monthly lease of 1 year. I moved into this house in November. Recently, my landlord violated the conditions by not giving proper notice for the monthly inspection.

When she arrived, she then told me that she would send me an additional addendum to complete our lease after having already been here for a few months. What are my rights at this point? Do I have to sign this new addition to my lease even if it has not yet been mentioned? Sarah, in my opinion. They signed the lease and they signed the lease. Therefore, DAS is the lease and you must be properly informed before any changes are made, including a price increase. To answer your question directly, no, this is not allowed unless they take the appropriate steps to terminate the current lease and start a new one. If nothing changes (rent, rules, etc.), they could get away with a simple addendum to the original lease instead of invalidating the original. They move you in an effort to solve a problem, keep that in mind. So if you said you`d rather move and let them know in time, I can`t imagine they`d fight you in the process. The lease renewal period is when changes can be made, but you should be aware of this. Both parties must agree to the terms if they have changed. Automatic renewal only works if there are no changes and the same rental conditions can be used. Be sure to check if there is a specific deadline to cancel the extension.

If you do not agree with the changes and do not wish to renew them automatically, they must be duly notified in accordance with the conditions set out in the original agreement. The eviction notice does not necessarily have to be included in the rental agreement. Unless otherwise stated, it falls under typical rental rules. And yes, I think it would be easier to wait until the end of your lease and inform you of the non-renewal. But here too, there could be more in history. They may want you to walk away from there for a number of reasons they want to renovate so they can charge more rent, or they may have had some time to do some repairs and update things. Or there is always the possibility that they will want you away from it due to complaints or late payments etc. But the bottom line is that they can terminate your rental with proper notice. I am a tenant and my lease states that I am responsible for heating, electricity, cables and telephone. Which I agree with. We have oil-fired heat. Without my knowledge or consent, my landlord went behind my back and filled our tank with oil and now wants us to pay 200.00 more per month for the oil, and they also called the oil company and added a service contract on their behalf for my apartment and if I call the oil company, they will not give me any information.

Can the landlord do that? Go behind my back, fill my oil tank and then ask for the money if the lease clearly states that I am responsible for my own Sakura oil, the main thing is that you both signed a lease. You are also obligated to follow the Terms as you do. If you decided to pay your rent on the 10th instead of the 1st, you would certainly be violating the conditions. Just as they would charge extra fees for items that have not been agreed. Keep a cool head and try good communication first. Explain that you are following the lease and have an open conversation about it. I hope they will understand, but most likely, you will create an enemy and not be offered a lease extension. At least not with the same conditions lol Not if it wasn`t in your lease. Ask them to review the agreement and explain it to you. John, the rules may change in the middle of the rental.

So I would try to contact your landlord and explain that air conditioning would be a “must” for you. If you are a good tenant and there is no insurance or legal reasons that do not allow you air conditioning, I think they would adapt. If you now have a sore neck and the new owner wants to get rid of you, he does not have the same headache as the previous one. it would also be a logical reason for the changes. Without knowing the whole story, I couldn`t say if that was the case. For more information on air conditioning and tenants` rights, check out this article we wrote not so long ago. Does the original lease state that the lease can be changed with notice? Chrissey, I`ll say it looks like you`re dealing with a very amateur owner. Reversing rental rules and even letting yourself in early are signs of a landlord who has no control.

You need to decide if it is worth living in this place and facing the problems that you have already identified. Especially if you know that your landlord is not ready to take action. Sometimes, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. I`d leave the discount you get and the little work and sweat behind me and move on. It`s a small price to pay for not having to deal with problems next year. The landlord should establish a new lease with the right titles and establish the policy for holes in the walls. I would talk to the “owner” and find common ground or leave while you still have time. Your proof is that you can feel it. I would like to publish a communication reminding us of the directive. This will create the necessary documentation you need to terminate the contract if the problem persists.

I recently moved into an apartment with a spouse. Before moving in, her ex and the landlord signed a written agreement between the previous tenant for what I was told to recall the rent. The landlord now wanted to charge a late fee after I had lived in the apartment for over six months. Our rental receipts show late fees and none of this has been mentioned or written. But recently, the landlord said that I was paying for the new rent and that the current rent I pay on time is late. I do not agree with that. I have the impression that the owner is using unethical scaremongering to justify this change, which has already been placed in fourth place. The landlord began to aggressively say that under the law, I can be charged a late fee after a mention of a tax has been written on most of the receipt for that month that was made in error. Woj, I`ll give you my opinion on your points below – 1. PooPrints is a company I just heard about.

They actually collect DNA from all the pets in the community and if there is a problem with the ingestion of feces, the management company can match the DNA to find the culprit. I like the idea as much as the next guy, but it seems like an extreme way to deal with disrespectful tenants. For me, it has more to do with people not following the rules because the management company makes the enforcement of policies bad. There is no easy solution to this problem. It is rampant in rental communities across the country and strict enforcement is the only solution. 2. Your rights to the common areas must be clearly stated in your rental agreement. I would look at this again to see if the new policies nullify or conflict with any of your rights. If the language is not clear or the policies are not described, they may change as long as you still have the ability to access them. 3. Again, I would refer to the lease.

If something is advertised and you don`t get a convenience that you pay for, I would ask for a rent reduction. But if it`s not specified, then it`s just a bad deal to offer and persevere with future equipment. My advice, you seem to be a reasonable person and a voice of reason. Be a leader in your community and work on a solution. .