Lora Krumova at “Slavi’s Show” – for politicians and for the new generation of journalists

“I believe in moussaka and in journalism. I do not think both interfere  particularly. No harm to twist a moussaka and ask some proper, good questions. “- This said Lora Krumova at” Slavi’s Show “recorded a few hours after the scandalous and arrogant behavior of Volen Siderov, who was a guest in her show “This Saturday “on bTV.

Lora Krumova expressed the view that the complex media environment in Bulgaria is somewhat depreciated journalism as a profession. This, according to her, is the reason Siderov and other Bulgarian politicians to allow themselves to be more harsh than necessary : ” Honestly – I do not accept it as something extraordinary. I think he was exposed and honestly – he disappointed me because I had intelligent conversations with him. I did not expect such a low level – to go to the pots, dishes and such things. “According to Krumova the leader of Ataka is nervous and this is reflected in his behavior – in parliament and the media.

The whole show from June 10, 2013