The youngest journalists: And the ignorance can be censorship

They are cute and well behaved. They behave confidently, but speak very inspired. This, together with their youth, suggests that they have graduated recently. And with teachers who have kept sparks in their eyes.

Let us introduce them:

Zlatina Zehirova is 24 years old, she has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences from Münster, Germany. She has completed the  full course of study in  Master’s programme in Journalism, Production and Finance at VUZF University. She is writing her thesis on the topic “Challenges of Bulgarian journalism.” She is currently a trainee at Nova TV.

Kristina Gazieva is 26 years old. She has a Bachelor’s degree  in “Communications and Public Relations” from Munich, Germany. Then she returned to Bulgaria and also enrolled in the Master’s programme at VUZF University. She graduated with honors a month ago. Her graduation paper was titled “Media as a tool for shaping public opinion.” She is already a part of the team of “Let’s talk … with Rosen Petrov” on BTV.