About the programme

About the programme

The Journalism, Production and Finance Master’s Programme is carried out by the VUZF University in partnership with the BULGARION MEDIA ACADEMY with the support of national media and production companies.

What motivated us to create this programme?

The programme aims to raise the standards of journalism and production training. Lack of sufficient practical focus in existing programmes at Bulgarian universities motivates us to create a modern and world-class training in journalism and production.

We believe that we will contribute to the development of the media sector in Bulgaria by training of good journalists specializing in economics, politics, social sphere and investigation topics with camera handling and montage skills.

At the same time, the producers’ domain also needs financially competent and adequately working media professionals. However, the current practice shows that media managerial staff is trained according to the trial and error approach and they learn by doing.

What are our aims?

To train professionals who are competitive at the media market and who can start working in any prestigious media right after their graduation.

They will possess professional knowledge and skills that will place them alongside their already practicing colleagues!

Practice and internship

The programme places an explicit focus on practice and trains students to work in real conditions. For this purpose, the programme has its own television studio and equipment that is available to students. You will have the chance to learn in depth about the report-making technique, investigative journalism, documentaries.

Our students will have training practices at the national media and will receive a certificate. There they can work alongside the best professionals. 

Different, you will learn

Studying under this Master’s Programme you will receive knowledge from the best journalists, producers and media experts in Bulgaria. The lecturers are famous journalists, highly-ranked prosecutors, producers, media managers and financiers. Compulsory practice and internship will enable you to make valuable contacts and start working in the media business.

Duration and form of study

Classes are in modules, held at weekends, at the VUZF University. The practice is held in a specially equipped studio at VUZF and at terrain.

Duration of study is three semesters (1 preliminary and 2 regular)

For bachelor or master degree graduated students in economic majors, duration of study is three semesters, as the preliminary semester is in distance learning and it is focused on journalism;

For bachelor or master degree graduated students in non-economic majors, duration of study is three semesters, as the preliminary semester is in distance learning and it is focused on economics;

Four semesters (2 preliminary and 2 regular) – for specialist or professional bachelor degree in economic majors.

Diploma and certificates

Successfully graduated students receive:

A diploma in Journalism, Production and Finance from the VUZF University – an university, ranked in the top 4 of the highest rated schools in the field of “Economics” according to the rating system for universities in Bulgaria of the Ministry of Education;

An internship certificate from the respective media;

A certificate from the Bulgarion Media Academy.